5 Ways to Stay On Track During the Holidays

Living with Diabetes over the holidays can be particularly challenging. Temptation lurks around every corner-from free samples at the grocery store to parties packed with all things delicious.

So how do we enjoy ourselves without blowing our blood sugars to high heaven? It’s tricky, but it CAN be done.

  1. Focus on the people, not the food/drink. Holidays are about spending time with those you love. Try to focus on conversation and quality time. (hopefully spending time with your family doesn’t make you want to eat/drink LOL)
  2. Only indulge on seasonal treats you can’t get at other times of the year, and just take a small portion. Remember, the first bite always tastes the best!
  3. Don’t drink your calories-Most festive punch bowls are full of empty calories and carbs. Steer clear and choose a healthier alternative (bubbly water with frozen raspberries!)
  4. Keep in tune with your body-Are you really hungry as you’re staring at the food spread, or are you just lurking there because it’s calling to you? Sometimes we eat just because it’s there-go hang out in a different room!
  5. If you’re going to a party, bring a dish that you feel good about snacking on, that will fill you up so you won’t binge on the unhealthy stuff. Having that go-to for grazing will help!

You do not have to deprive yourself over the holidays, you just have to be mindful and intentional about your choices.