About Me

Diabetes can be lonely. When I decided to get serious about my health, after years of being in denial, I knew I needed to surround myself with other women who understood the challenges I was facing. I had tried other online support groups and was met with criticism, food police, and negative attitudes. I decided then and there to create my own community full of warmth, compassion, and sisterhood. To me, life is too short to purposefully keep company with negativity.

Creating Sugar Mama Strong has been the biggest blessing of my life, and has led me to leaving the general fitness world to build a program especially for women with diabetes. We have unique needs and challenges when it comes to nutrition and exercise, and I’ve yet to come across a mainstream program that meets those needs.

These days, you can find me leading the way in Sugar Mama Strong Fitness and Wellness, a program created just for us. Combining fitness, nutrition, and personal development, with an amazing support system is exactly what we need to make lifelong changes.