For Care Providers

Thank you for your interest in Sugar Mama Strong Fitness and Wellness! I’m excited to share how SMSFW can help your patients reach their goals through a down-to-earth approach, sustainable plan, and positive environment.

What is SMS Fitness and Wellness?

Sugar Mama Strong Fitness and Wellness is a virtual, overall wellness program built by and for women with diabetes.

SMSFW focuses on four areas: nutrition support, exercise, mindset, and accountability.


We recognize that every woman comes with her own set of taste buds, food baggage, chronic conditions, but more importantly, that she is a person first, before her diabetes diagnosis. We work with each member to develop a way of eating that will help her bring her blood glucose numbers in range while also achieving weight loss, if that is one of her goals. There are many ways of eating that are beneficial for women with diabetes, but the best one, is the one a patient will commit to long-term. In SMS Fitness and Wellness, our goal is to support our members in their commitment to their health and keeping the promises they make to themselves.


Diabetes brings with it so many physical challenges and it’s our goal to make exercise accessible to EVERY member. Our membership includes women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ability levels, and a wide range of diabetes complications. Every Sugar Mama Strong workout teaches safe modifications of almost every movement, and we include seated modifications whenever possible. Exercise should leave a person feeling empowered and strong, and that is precisely our intention. One of our mantras is “Just Keep Moving”, which is why we show so many options of each exercise during our workouts. We don’t want to leave any sugar mama sister behind. If a woman shows up to work, she is going to WORK! We believe that our fitness equals our independence. For our members, a workout is about so much more than looking good in a bathing suit on summer vacation. For us, it is being able to drive a car, pick something up off the floor, get off the couch by ourselves, cook dinner for our families, and live the full and active lives we dream of living.


We can eat healthy meals, and move our bodies in a healthy way, but if we think unhealthy thoughts, our physical progress will be temporary. In SMSFW, we focus on improving our mindset, not just as it pertains to diabetes, but with our relationship to food, our relationship to others, and our relationship with ourselves. We believe in order to make true physical progress, we need to address the mindset in a REAL way. This is often an overlooked step, but a crucial one if long-lasting change is to occur. We do this through our weekly coaching calls, podcasts, and daily activities.


As women, we tend to let ourselves off the hook very easily. In SMS Fitness and Wellness, we take accountability very seriously. We encourage each member to share her goals and report in daily, even if the day didn’t go as planned. We get in the habit of only sharing when everything is picture-perfect. In reality, it’s when things aren’t going well that we need to lean for group support even more. Plain and simple, accountability is showing up-no matter what.

When a woman joins SMS Fitness and Wellness, she receives:

Access to our private Facebook Group

Access to our mobile App

Our workout library with all-inclusive workouts

Two live workouts/week

Hundreds of meal plans and recipes adaptable to every way of eating

A one-on-one call with Mary to get started

Weekly group coaching calls on diabetes-related topics

Daily accountability posts to keep you focused

Ongoing support

Fitness and Wellness journal to log data (blood sugars, meals, exercise, and more!)

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