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Fitness & Wellness for women living with type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, or LADA

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Improve Your Diabetes Self-Care

Re-focus on your goals and create space to reach them

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The Internet’s first and only comprehensive wellness program for women with diabetes that gives you a love-filled daily kick in the butt using the Sugar Mama Strong Anti-Diet Framework to help you empower and advocate for yourself, stay on track toward your goals, and drop the all or nothing mentality, without having to deprive yourself of all things delicious, weigh yourself everyday, or spend hours in the gym.

Lose the overwhelm that comes with a diabetes diagnosis. Feel empowered, armed with education and resources, and confident in your ability to stick with it. Because this time, you are surrounded by women JUST LIKE YOU, lead by a team of women who are walking their path with diabetes right alongside you.

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Modified Workouts

Exercise routines for all fitness levels, including seated options for members with limited mobility

Fully Virtual

Participate from anywhere, in the safety of your home. Workouts and group coaching sessions are recorded for on-demand access.

Judgment-Free Zone

Leave the shame and guilt at the door. In SMS Fitness and Wellness, we provide a safe space to learn and grow.

Daily Accountability

Stay on track and focused on your health goals with daily interaction in our private group and one-on-one support with our team.

Weekly Coaching

Each week, via Zoom, we discuss a wide-range of diabetes-related wellness topics focused on our four pillars: nutrition, exercise, mindset, and accountability.

Nutrition Guidance

In SMSFW we recognize that diabetes life and weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all journey. We provide resources, sample meal plans and recipes, and support to help you stay on track with a plan that works for you.

The Sugar Mama Strong Sisterhood


Our goal is to create a lifelong, healthy relationship with food. There are no diets here, just mindful choices based on our body’s responses. Just like every person’s diabetes is different, every woman’s nutrition plan will be slightly different.


It’s not that we don’t know what to do in most cases, it’s that we struggle with the DOING. That’s why in SMSFW, we provide several ways to stay involved and hold ourselves accountable to doing the things we say are important to us.


Our fitness equals our independence, so it is essential that we incorporate activity into our daily routine. Our Sugar Mama Strong workouts are accessible for EVERY fitness level, and are doable for those living with diabetes complications.

Mindset Work

A mindset shift is THE most important part of the journey. We have to address what’s going on between our ears if we want to make permanent lifestyle changes. Neglecting this crucial step is what sets so many up for the start and stop never-ending cycle of dieting.

Lifestyle Coaching

Our weekly lifestyle coaching provided education on a variety of diabetes-related wellness topics. Because we’ve created such a safe space, no topic is off-limits.


Our members set our program apart from every traditional weight loss program out there. Being surrounded by women facing similar challenges and working toward similar goals makes the world of difference.

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