T2D Healthline-One Month In

Can we all just agree that we are living in the strangest time EVER!? We’re living in quarantine and now we’ve been alerted there are Murder Hornets invading? Conspiracy theories, online schooling, mask wearing, absentee ballots, keyboard warriors, and FB feuds-One of my favorite things about the T2D Healthline App is that is gets me AWAY from Facebook-It’s my own little piece and PEACE of T2D heaven.

The other night, I hosted my 2nd live chat on the app about how to stay positive when T2D has you feeling down. It’s rare to have a conversation with a group of people who COMPLETELY understand what you’re going through, who can empathize with you, relate to you, and 100% GET YOU. It really is such a special gift, this app. It’s a safety zone. No judgment. Just love and support for our fellow T2Ds.

Meeting so many men and women around the world, facing similar challenges is a game changer for our community. We need support now more than ever, especially with some many of us sheltering in place and isolated from our loved ones. Having a place to turn to when we need connection is crucial because diabetes can be a lonely disease and is misunderstood by so many. The T2D Healthline App is working to bring us together on a global scale. THAT is something to celebrate!

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Click here to get it!