Your Custom STAY THE COURSE Playlist

Welcome to The Sisterhood! Below you’ll find six key videos to get you started on your journey with us and help you STAY THE COURSE. Beginning anything new can feel exciting, overwhelming, and a little scary, but that just means it’s important to you! If you weren’t feeling ANYTHING, I’d be worried! Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access (or copy down the URL).

Video 1: The Sugar Mama Strong Anti-Diet Framework Explained. By the end of this training, you’ll walk away with a sustainable, empowering approach to wellness, a sense of community, and your very first Healthy Habit Focus locked and loaded!

Finished watching? Head to the group and introduce yourself and share your first healthy habit focus!

Video #2: The Six Dimensions of Wellness. So often, we think of wellness as our physical condition, but it is so much more than that! After this training, you’ll have direction on the dimensions of wellness you’re strong in already, and the ones that challenge you.

Finished watching? Next, head to the group and share which dimensions of wellness are your strongest, and which are your challenges!

Video #3. Accountability. The missing piece for so many of us. What is it and how do you keep yourself honest?

Finished watching? Next, head to the group and share your goals!

Video #4: Boundaries. What are they? How do you make them clear to friends, family, or co-workers? And what to do when others violate your boundaries consistently.

Finished watching? Head to the group and share which boundaries are the hardest for you to maintain and how that affects your journey.

Video #5: Diet vs. Guiding Principles. Raise your hand if you’re tired of being on a diet and want to be in charge of your own decision-making? By the end of this training you’ll feel empowered to create your own guidelines for the way you eat, the way you move, and the way you live your life.

Finished watching? Next, head to the group and share how this training changed your thinking on traditional dieting/fad diets.

Video #6. Writing Your Guiding Principles. Grab a pencil and the pdf linked below and get ready to create your own guiding principles. Get the PDF here—>

Finished watching? Next, complete your Guiding Principles worksheet and then head to the group and share a screenshot!

Congratulations on completing your initial playlist! You’re Sugar Mama Strong already! 💪

Ready to explore more of The Sisterhood? Head to the group and click on Guides to dig in to all our membership has to offer. In the Guides, you’ll find hundreds of sample meal plans and recipes, exercise routines designed for women like you and me, all the recordings of the previous coaching calls, and tons of other resources for you to utilize on the journey. Basically, the Facebook group is where it’s AT! Here’s a direct link to the Guides section—>