Sugar Mama Strong Fitness and Wellness

Taking care of my diabetes is about so much more than the numbers. It’s about maintaining a healthy mindset, a healthy relationship with myself, and securing a healthy support system to keep me going. That’s why I developed Sugar Mama Strong Fitness and Wellness, a program that combines nutrition, exercise, mindset work, support, and accountability, exclusively designed for women with diabetes.

Living with diabetes comes with challenges that many don’t understand. Becoming part of our community ensures you will be surrounded by those who do. Coming together with like-minded women, all committed to bettering their health and wellness, who are facing similar challenges is a game changer.

Our program has three levels of commitment to meet each sugar mama sister where she’s at:

SMS Fitness and Wellness ALL IN: Details—>Here

SMS Fitness and Wellness Daily: Details—>Here

SMS Fitness and Wellness Level UP: Details—>Here



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