Life with Diabetes: Love Yourself to Wellness

→Free Group Begins September 20th←

→What's in it for you?←

  • A flexible meal plan everyone in your home will enjoy!
  • Daily posts to help you develop new strategies for improved diabetes self-care
  • A cooking demo with a private chef (say WHAT?!)
  • Two live workouts, modified for EVERY fitness level, including seated modifications for those with mobility issues
  • Coaching meet-ups via Zoom, where we’ll talk about diabetes-related wellness topics and how to reach your goals successfully!
  • PLUS-you’ll be invited to attend my *MEMBERS ONLY* events for Sugar Mama Strong Fitness & Wellness!
  • A chance to win an AWESOME prize JUST for participating!
Most importantly, we’ll be sharing diabetes real talk and how to make long-lasting change in our lives so we can finally stop holding ourselves back from living the lives we want to live with our loved ones. If you’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel of diet-culture for decades and are ready to EXIT THAT RIDE, this group is for YOU <3

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