The Internet’s first and only comprehensive wellness program for women with diabetes that gives you a love-filled daily kick in the butt using the Sugar Mama Strong Anti-Diet Framework to help you empower and advocate for yourself, stay on track toward your goals, and drop the all or nothing mentality, without having to deprive yourself of all things delicious, weigh yourself everyday, or spend hours in the gym.

Click play to see how the Sugar Mama Strong Anti-Diet Framework came to life (pay special attention at the 2-minute mark and prepare to have your mind blown)

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Here’s Everything Included In Your Membership To The Sugar Mama Strong Sisterhood

Here’s Why You Should Trust Me When It Comes to Diabetes Health and Wellness

Carla R.

Type 2

“I am proof that your sisterhood works! The left is from June 2019 and the right is from my 40th birthday this year. Thank you so much for your help and your support Mary.”

Kathleen L.

Type 2

“I’ve been with Mary since the early days when the Anti-Diet framework was being formed. It does work! I have found friends and support in my journey and I’m down 70+ pounds.”

Dawn B.

Type 2

“My 1st month in the Sisterhood I lost 9 pounds and was taken off insulin. And so far 40 pounds lost! I love the workouts, the support we get, and the new friends I’ve made.”

I’m Your New Diabetes Bestie

I’m Mary, your favorite diabetes coach, personal trainer, motivator extraordinaire, and the founder of Sugar Mama Strong.

Living with type 2 diabetes for the last 21 years, I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. Losing 100 pounds, becoming a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and diabetes advocate is the BIGGEST plot twist of MY LIFE. My work in the diabetes community has been showcased by the American Diabetes Association, Bezzy T2D, Healthgrades, Health Monitor, Yahoo! Parenting, and Beyond Type 2.

As a former school teacher, educating others is in my DNA-so now, I’m sharing my diabetes knowledge and health-improvement know-how with our members.

Our membership is designed to help you make sustainable life changes that will help you manage your diabetes and reach your wellness goals so you can finally live the life you’ve dreamed of living without diabetes holding you back any longer. Get ready to ditch the guilt and shame and learn to thrive with diabetes!

Go From Overwhelmed to Empowered in The Sugar Mama Strong Sisterhood

Reach your diabetes wellness goals, boost your confidence, and start thriving now!

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Free trial for 30 days and then you will be automatically renewed at 31.99/month. You can cancel at any time.